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Feb. 29th

Time and time again,

people tell me:

"Man, I want to make it."

You want to make it?

You have made it.

You’re here, now, right?

Your ship landed on the blue-green

shores of Earth.

So don’t just be here, be there—

for yourself, for others.

Show up. To the show.

Showing up is how you get

there there.

Showing up gives you the right to say,

“I’ve been there.”

And trust me,

there is where it’s at.

You want to make it?

Make the most of it—

the precious time you have left.

It is your time, after all.

Time to be bold.

Time to be brave

Time to be free from all that was.

And all that is.

And all that ever will be.

Just go with it.

Just flow with it.

Just grow with it.

Grow with the flow until you let go of it.

At the end of the day…

The money doesn’t matter.

The things don’t matter.

The awards don’t matter.

The positions don’t matter.

But you will still matter.

The lives you touched.

The love you shared.

And those that cared.

Friends, family.

And yes, even the foes.

They still care.

Even if they don’t say it.

Even if it’s the kind of care that hurts.

You will always be a part of them.

You will always be a piece of this planet.

One tiny aspect of the entire cosmic nest.

You already knew you were small.

But then you feel that big heart

and believe deep down

you are so much more.

You’re right. You are mighty.

You are all that is.

So is the next person you meet.

And the next.

And the next after that.

Fill your heart with love for them

and their fountain will overflow,

getting anyone and everyone

lost in its undertow.

Be the Flood that refreshes the world.

“Too much of a burden,” you say?

Can you at least give

the next person you meet a nod?

A wink?

Even a smile can be like a cool,

re-energizing wave.

Smile at anyone.


Smile at yourself.

Hug yourself.

A hug is how you make it.

Love is how you make it.

Isn’t love why you even try?

Maybe you’re waiting for Leap Day

to take that leap of faith.

But true faith is knowing

you’re already falling

and you’re about to stick the landing.

Only if you knew you hit that target

the day you were born.

Don’t fake it until you make it.

Don’t flake it until you make it.

Don’t forsake it until you make it.

Wake up, you’ve made it.

Every second you are alive

is a moment to fully realize:

You have been home all this time.

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