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The United States of Awareness: The 50 Levels of Enlightenment

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

I am at the end of a long, hard journey. But the beginning of a new adventure.

Looking back at that winding road, I see I have gained so many nuggets of wisdom. Some took the shape of pain, some took the shape of joy. Most were somewhere in between.

But, I cherish every failure as much as I do the successes, for I would not have found wholeness without first being broken. It gave me the opportunity to pick up the pieces and remake myself. Remember my true self.

That is really what I have to offer: to unify what is at war within you. I am not quite a life coach. Not quite a spiritual guide. I am an explorer. A seeker. I have put in my 10,000 hours of meditation and this seeker is returning home with a message.

What I found was fifty states of awareness that can be expanded and united. In that unity, you will find freedom from suffering. Let go of "new year, new me" and embrace new year, free me." Awakening is just step one, Enlightenment is only step two, but Unification, now that is the real mountaintop. Unity of consciousness is true freedom.

There is a lot of talk of attaining altered or non-ordinary states of consciousness to heal or just for fun, but that is like stretching a muscle. Good for you, sure, but not the real workout. I want to reinforce your skeleton. I want to get you in shape. Not for me. Not for you. For the world. The world needs the best version of you.

Today, I take a new step forward. Come along with me. Through these words, at first. Next, in person if you are able. And soon enough, through books and other media.

Join me, if you dare. It takes courage to be whole.

Happy New Year,


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